Rathbones Apprenticeship Scheme

The Rathbones Apprenticeship scheme began in 2013 and the ongoing success of the scheme has seen us continue the programme into 2018 where we will take in the fourth cohort of apprentices.

Our apprentices are given the opportunity to embark on an exciting career whilst being given the support and training to learn and gain relevant experience with one of the UKs leading Investment managers. Each apprentice undertakes a two year rotation that exposes them to many different facets of the business whilst completing an NVQ in Business Administration. They also have the opportunity to study towards a relevant professional qualification.

The scheme has attracted candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds who are committed to ongoing development within a workplace environment. Apprentices combine on-the-job experience and formal training to gain the knowledge and skills required to support our business operations, providing efficient administration, managing varied workloads and solving complex problems.

What our apprentices had to say:

How did you first hear about the Rathbones Apprenticeship?
"I first heard about the Rathbones apprenticeship on the gov.org website/apprenticeship. From there I looked into the Rathbones.com website and knew that I wanted to apply to work for this business."Charlie, 18, Human Resources

What made you choose to do an apprenticeship over going to university or another job?
"I chose this route for several reasons. Firstly, the amount of working experience you gain puts you ahead of students. Also, the opportunities that an apprentice has, within a company of this size, are huge. Finally, university students will have loads debt after their studies, whereas apprentices are paid whilst they learn."Aidan, 18, Operations

What has been your favourite part about doing an apprenticeship?
"The immense amount of opportunities that I have been given. From visiting the London marketing team to having dinner with our CEO, Phillip Howell, on my third day! My team has treated me like part of the Rathbones community from the beginning."Kate, 19, Digital Marketing

How is an apprenticeship different to school?
"An apprenticeship requires you to be more independent compared to while you're at school and I also believe the work you do in an apprenticeship can be much more interesting than what you’re taught in a classroom."Ben, 18, Operations

How did you find the recruitment process?
"I found the recruitment process challenging. I learnt lots of new skills throughout, which has definitely helped me through the start of my apprenticeship. I found that the hardest part of the recruitment process was the presentation aspect."Daniel, 18, Operations

What is it like to work for Rathbones?
"So far working for Rathbones has been very enjoyable and also intense at times, especially at the start with settling in and meeting new people, as well as learning the different tasks that will be part of my role. I have enjoyed my time here so far and have settled in well." Edward, 18, IT