Rathbone LED MPS

Rathbones LED MPS gives your clients a cost-effective and straightforward solution, offering access to multi-asset investment based around the advice you provide.

Why could it be right for your clients?

Your clients have the option to invest in one of six managed portfolio strategies, specific to their risk profiles and investment objectives.

The underlying funds for each of the strategies have clear targets for risk as well as returns, which provides explicit boundaries for the level of risk that they can take.

LED MPS also offers access to our Rathbones Greenbank portfolio funds, allowing you to answer client demand to provide ethical and sustainable investment options to your clients.

LED MPS is a solution that offers access to proven investment expertise at a competitive price, with clear and transparent fees and no penalties or notice periods to withdraw funds*


For prices, performance and ratings for the multi-asset portfolio funds are available on request, please contact us at dfmsales@rathbones.com


Next steps

Whether you’re considering investing for the first time or switching from an existing provider, the Rathbones LED MPS service could be the right solution for you. 

Find out more about how our LED approach and Rathbone LED MPS service