A Conversation with James Woudhuysen

Three kinds of data for corporate forecasting

Rathbone Investment Management - James Wouhuysen

Thursday 5 November
1 Curzon Street, London

When charities forecast their future - whether to support decisions on strategy, innovation or service delivery - they need to examine three kinds of data: (1) data on operations (2) data on customer purpose – talents, not just needs and (3) data on the wider context for (1) and (2).

James will discuss each of these, explaining the ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’, as well as dealing with issues of interpretation and execution. Also included are the 10 Rules of Forecasting for a Successful Charity. 

After the talk there will be plenty of time for questions and discussion with James.




James Woudhuysen is Visiting Professor at London South Bank University. With a knack for registering trends well before others, he often offers counter-intuitive proposals on what actions to take. James helped install Britain’s first computer-controlled car park in 1968, warned about a dotcom bust in 1999 and supported 3G mobile technology in the face of massive doubts in 2002. In 2004 he put the case for mass production methods for housing; in 2009 he published Energise: a future for energy innovation, and in 2012 he edited the Mandarin edition of Big Potatoes: the London Manifesto for Innovation.

Originally head of research at the design practice Fitch, James went on to lead IT consulting at The Henley Centre for Forecasting and to manage worldwide market intelligence for Philips consumer electronics. Sitting on the editorial board of the Journal of Consumer Behaviour, James frequently challenges faddish, politically correct theories, offering witty but deadly serious alternatives to myths about almost everything.

Further information on James can be found here www.woudhuysen.com

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