A Conversation with James Woudhuysen

When charities forecast their future - whether to support decisions on strategy, innovation or service delivery - they need to examine three kinds of data


James Woudhuysen portrait

A Conversation with James Woudhuysen
The importance of secure data for charities 

Thursday 5 November
Rathbones, 1 Curzon Street


Secure data sources and prevention against data misuse is important for all charities, regardless of their size. James shares his knowledge on forecasting for a successful future and how this impacts on the types of data a charity should be concerned with.

Contact James: @JamesWoudhuysen


1. What's the difference between Big Data and Open Data?

2. Should charities build upon analysis of data drawn from social media?

3. How does a charity determine what is useful data?

4. What procedures can your charity use to protect against data misuse?

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