Rathbones BookBubble

500 students, 4 schools, 5 books and 1 ambition - to help young people find and retain their joy of reading, which has been shown to provide long-term personal and educational benefits.

Rathbones BookBubble is a digital reading programme we piloted in 2017. Partnering with The Pigeonhole, an innovative technology start-up, and with support from Harper Collins Publishers, we offered 500 11-15 year olds the chance to be part of a unique nationwide book club.  Lenzie Academy in Glasgow, Chichester Free School in Chichester, and Twyford CofE High School and Kingsmead School in London have all signed up to take part. 

Every two days a new instalment was shared so students could read along together, on a smartphone, tablet or computer. They had the opportunity to chat about the book on the app with their classmates and peers in other schools. In this year’s scheme  we hope some of the authors will drop in to the conversation now and again to inspire the young readers. 

Students chose their favourite book from a selection of five great Harper Collins titles. The initial serialisation of their chosen book occurred across four weeks, and after that readers were given access to all five books until the end of the summer to read at their leisure.

In a study done by The Reading Agency in 2015 it found that “reading for pleasure is more important for children’s cognitive development than their parents’ level of education and is a more powerful factor in life achievement than socio-economic background.” We hope the programme will develop into something that will benefit thousands of young people across the UK each year and look forward to hearing how the children get on with their new digital books this year.  

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Last year’s Rathbones BookBubble titles were:

"What not to do if you
turn invisible"

Ross Welford
"Skulduggery Pleasant"
Derek Landy

Steven Camden

"Fire colour one"
Jenny Valentine

"Look into my eyes,
Ruby Redfort"

Lauren Child

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