Rathbones Home Internationals

The Rathbones Women’s Lacrosse Home Internationals will be an exciting weekend of lacrosse and one of the last chances for the home nation teams to test their mettle before the upcoming FIL Rathbones Women’s Lacrosse World Cup in July.  

Girls playing lacrosse in the tourament

Held annually, this year’s home internationals is hosted by the  Welsh Lacrosse Association (WLA) and will be held at Cardiff University Sports Fields on the 7, 8 and 9 of April.

Over 250 athletes will be participating in what promises to be an outstanding showcase of the best of women’s lacrosse in the United Kingdom and Europe. The annual Home Internationals brings together a wide range of  players including secondary school students, businesswomen, first-timers and seasoned international competitors.

The Rathbones Women’s Lacrosse Home Internationals is a combined event, with U19 and Senior tournaments occurring simultaneously in Cardiff. Two further senior international sides have been invited to compete this year: the Czech Republic and Ireland. Three games of back-to-back elite-level competition will prove an invaluable rehearsal for the teams ahead of the 2017 FIL Rathbones Women’s Lacrosse World Cup on 12 – 22 July at Surrey Sports Park, Guildford.

Games will be played between  9.30am and 3pm, with the exception of Saturday when games are played between 9am and 2.30pm. Tickets will cost £13 for a three day pass or £5 per day and can be purchased onsite.

More information can be found here.

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