Rathbones Review Summer 2016

After the shock the UK electorate delivered by voting ‘leave’, uncertainty over the extent of the political and economic ramifications will persist for some time. We take an initial look at some of the economic implications as the UK renegotiates its relationship with Europe.

Paul Chavasse, Head of Investment Management

In a year when the United States goes to the polls to elect a new president, we look back at the Obama years and discuss how history is likely to judge him and his presidential legacy.

Continuing the theme of legacy, we take a look at whether promises made for the long-term benefits from staging hugely expensive Olympic Games have ever been fully realised and explore whether London 2012 will prove to be the exception.

Elsewhere, as the tragedy of the war in Syria continues to unfold, we examine how international groups such as the United Nations and others have been instrumental in helping to resolve complex and seemingly intractable disputes around the world.

Finally, away from the seriousness of global conflicts, we take a fascinating look behind the scenes with broadcaster Sir Trevor McDonald. He highlighted moments from his long and varied career, spanning over 40 years, at the Rathbones-sponsored BAFTA ‘A Life in Television’ series earlier this year.


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