Rathbones Review Winter 2018

In this edition of Rathbones Review we take a closer look at India’s ongoing transformation and the radical reforms that are fuelling change. 

India has been tipped to become the world’s second-largest economy by the middle of this century. According to a study by PwC, it will account for 15% of the global economy as a whole, leaving the US, with 12%, in its wake; only China, with 20%, is expected to outshine it.

We can put these predictions into perspective by reflecting on each country’s share of the global economy in 2016, when PwC was compiling its report. The US’s was 24.32%, China’s was 14.84%, and India’s was just 2.83%. It does not take a mathematical genius to conclude that India’s rise is forecast to be notably meteoric.

In this edition of Rathbones Review we take a closer look at India’s ongoing transformation and the radical reforms that are fuelling change. We examine the role of technology and how an extraordinary appetite for data is reshaping attitudes towards spending, saving and investing. Drawing on a range of expert insights, including those of former BBC New Delhi Bureau Chief Sir Mark Tully, we analyse whether India’s potential trajectory really is as promising as has been suggested.

As we welcome our new colleagues and clients from leading Scottish wealth manager Speirs & Jeffrey, we also take a look at the economy of Scotland, exploring how the country’s landscape has moulded industries such as gas, oil, whisky and tourism.

Elsewhere, as ever, we cover a broad range of topics. These include the battle against Alzheimer’s, the spread of artificial intelligence and the fightback against fake news. We also offer two articles about nature — one dealing with nascent efforts to control the weather, the other with the aftermath of the elements at their most violent.

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