Riding into the record books?

There’s just a month to go before the University of Liverpool’s ARION2 team, supported by Rathbones as principal sponsor, attempts to break the land speed record for human-powered vehicles at Battle Mountain, Nevada.

The ARION2 project builds on a remarkable history of bicycle-inspired achievements. It’s more than 150 years since the first pedal-operated bike hit the road, but this enduring and versatile invention continues to motivate new feats of human ingenuity and endurance. Here are six of the best.

Current men’s record for a human-powered vehicle and the speed to beat for ARION2. The recorded speed is an average over 200 metres from a flying start.

Current women’s record for a human-powered vehicle. The ARION2 team will be attempting this record for the first time in 2016.

57.78 miles
Furthest distance travelled in one hour in a streamlined human-powered vehicle, set in June 2016. The women’s record is 52.51 miles.*

647 miles
Furthest distance covered in 24 hours in a human-powered vehicle, roughly equivalent to three London-to-Liverpool journeys.

123 days
Fastest circumnavigation of the globe by traditional bicycle, completed in 2015 at an average of almost 150 miles a day.

75,065 miles
Distance ridden in one year by Tommy Godwin in 1939. The record stood for three-quarters of a century before being beaten earlier this year. The new mark stands at 76,076.

*On a traditional bicycle, the men’s / women’s hour records are 33.88 miles (Bradley Wiggins) / 29.99 miles (Evelyn Stevens).

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