Specialist support

There are two distinct elements to our services: investment management to meet the protected party’s individual requirements, and support for professional and lay deputies or trustees with regard to their client’s wider financial and/or welfare related matters.

We build our service around a set of unique circumstances and the team takes the time to understand each individual’s needs. We will utilise cash flow modelling to determine the most appropriate or prudent course for investment, always ensuring sufficient liquidity has been retained for known capital expenditure and to act as a contingency fund.

Rathbones can look across the whole of the market to find the most appropriate investment solutions. Damages awards are managed by the team who understand the nuances of personal injury investment and the responsibilities of deputies and trustees.  Our investment managers are supported by our central investment process and guidance from our in-house investment committees.

Alongside our core personal injury (PI) investment approaches, the team can offer risk adjusted strategies with a passive or environmental, social and governance (ESG) bias.

With the discount rate at historically low levels, compensation awards are typically of a size where effective tax planning is a major consideration for deputies and trustees. The team has the benefit of a dedicated specialist personal injury financial planner who can assist with this.

Consistency of investment performance is important, particularly for professional deputies with multiple clients. Rathbones’ Performance Team monitor and report on all discrete portfolios in accordance with Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®), the highest level of performance reporting available.

Working with deputies and trustees, families and connected parties

The team recognises the importance of regular face-to-face contact with their clients. As a consequence, roles are divided between the day-to-day management and administering of awards. The team is primarily based in our London office but regular meetings with clients are at either the offices of professional deputies and trustees, or at the homes of families. We believe that this is crucial to long-term investment success.

Since 2007, the team has built strong relationships with like-minded professionals covering all aspects of property and welfare issues. Should matters arise outside the scope of investment, we will seek to provide assistance wherever possible.


At the end of 2015, I transferred the portfolio to Rathbones and have been delighted with the service and attention I have received. I left the previous investment managers because they were no longer able to provide a truly personal service. I now have regular meetings with my investment director, review performance and agree a strategy for the future. I would recommend Rathbones to everyone.

F G L – lay deputy


Rathbones have always been very responsive to my clients’ needs and in my view, are consistently ahead of the curve when it comes to meeting the trials and tribulations caused by the ever changing global economy. My meetings are always informative and particularly mindful of the need to help the clients’ families understand the complex world of global finance and how best to structure their portfolio to safeguard their interests. The support is very reassuring.

D J - professional deputy