Tax and trusts

Getting professional advice is vital to make sure you are investing tax efficiently and your money goes to those you want it to benefit.

We can help you plan for future tax liabilities so there are no surprises. We can also make tax easier by taking care of the paperwork. We will prepare your annual returns, tell you when you need to make payments and claim money back for you if you have paid too much tax in the past.

Trusts have been used for hundreds of years to control what happens to wealth. Families grow, children marry and relationships change.

It is impossible to predict what might happen in the future. With a trust, you can make sure none of these events, or others like them, affect your plans.

Trusts can transfer money tax efficiently, smooth inheritance within the family and be used for philanthropy too. We provide trusts as part of a full estate planning service that will help you pass on your money as you wish.