Estate planning

Carefully planning the financial affairs of your estate is essential to ensure that you can pass on the maximum benefit to your beneficiaries.  

We can provide a full estate planning service by establishing the appropriate structures, including acting as executors and help with the on-going administration of your estate and all tax and accounting.

We can also offer you a range of options for inheritance tax planning, where we can work closely with our financial planners – from ensuring you have an up-to-date will, to utilising trusts and settlements for your beneficiaries during your lifetime. Combined, these and other options can create a robust legacy that can provide for many generations to come.

We always listen and take the time to understand your requirements, and ensure our service meets your needs.

For more information about estate planning, please call Bruce Newbigging on 020 7399 0841 or email. Alternatively contact Kevin Custis on 020 7399 0817 or email.