The Cloud – harnessing the power of the internet

28 Jun 2022 - 12:30 to 13:15


Understanding the cloud computing revolution is as important as understanding the transformative impact of the internet in the mid-1990s. While the technology can appear well cloudy, not helped by its fair share of jargon, grasping its drivers could make the difference between superior and inferior investment returns over the next decade.

The cloud revolution
The cloud revolution explains cloud computing, and how its shaping our investment future.
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This is because we expect the cloud sector, which we estimate to be worth around $6T in the US alone, to drive a material percentage of total market earnings growth.

The cloud has changed the fortunes of legacy software players like Microsoft and Intuit while creating a new breed of software winners like ServiceNow, Zoom, and Snowflake.

Just as every company eventually became a dotcom in some shape, we believe every corporate in future will either become a cloud company or die. Hence, the sellers of cloud tools and services should enjoy one of the biggest demand waves of any sector in the coming years.

In this webinar, we seek to demystify the technology, its applications, and benefits through real world examples, covering the following topics:

- Explanation of what the cloud is
- Drivers of adoption
- Rathbones as a case study
- Current market size and 2030 potential
- Key beneficiaries

Our speakers:

Elizabeth Savage
, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Rathbones
Ben Derber, Equity Analyst, Rathbones
Chris Handley, IT Strategy and Change Director, Rathbones

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