Voting with purpose

Responsible investment principle: We actively vote across votable holdings, unless these are very small. This may involve voting against management to help drive positive change.

The cornerstone of responsible investment is an active and considered approach to proxy voting. Shareholders are part owners of the companies in which they invest. This makes voting at shareholder meetings an important means of exerting influence with companies on behalf of our clients.

In 2021, we voted on 11,934 resolutions at 970 company meetings.

  • Proxy voting at Rathbones is overseen by a committee of investment professionals from across the business. This Voting Committee is supported by our stewardship team and an external proxy voting consultant. We vote according to our own bespoke policy.  

  • Where we hold assets directly for you, we actively vote across all holdings, unless these are very small.  

  • Voting is undertaken on our most widely held holdings and on any company if requested by a client who is a shareholder of that company.  

  • We are prepared to vote against management to help drive positive change. 

Our voting policy was strengthened in several areas in 2021, with new sections in our policy document on climate change and racial and gender diversity.  

We voted against management on resolutions about: 

  • Board independence 

  • Executive bonuses linked to ESG targets 

  • Diversity on boards 

  • Audit vs non-audit fees 

  • ‘Say on Climate’ votes 

Voting against management is rare, but significant, and we ensure any such vote is followed up by direct engagement. To learn more about our voting see our responsible investment report

View our current voting policy.