Investment Update video: Mapping the way

In his latest quarterly update video, Rathbones’ co-chief investment officer Edward Smith explains how we are mapping the way through the war in Ukraine.

25 March 2022

When terrible events such as those unfolding in Ukraine happen, we need a map to see our way through. And as Ed explains in this 9 minute video, knowing the starting point is crucial. After the post lockdown sugar rush of last year, it wasn’t surprising that economic growth was moderating. But even with the Delta and then Omicron waves, respectively, leading indicators remained comfortably at levels consistent with rising profits. Our analysis helps us map the likely paths economies could take from here, and we see three main paths through the crisis.

Tune in to hear Ed explain how, having weighed up the probabilities of each, we think it makes sense to stay invested in equities, even as we look ahead to a very uncertain quarter.

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