Investment solutions for entrepreneurs

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Turning hard work into future security.


Rathbones was built by a family of entrepreneurs. We understand what it means to protect the rewards and legacy of your entrepreneurial effort. 

When business and personal interests overlap, wealth management can be particularly challenging. Your investment manager, and their team, can help you prepare your financial structures ahead while you are focused on building and running your business. They can assist you in the crucial transition from wealth creation to preservation. 

For example, selling your business requires careful planning to fully utilise the opportunities available. We will work with your advisers to help ensure your tax planning, wealth structuring and investment strategies are robust and integrated.

And as you move from business owner to investor, we will recommend asset allocations to match your priorities and source an investment strategy that will serve your objectives. We can help turn the success of your business into financial security for your family, the platform for your next project, or the basis of a philanthropic enterprise.

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