Wealth management

Outsourcing investment management frees you from day-to-day involvement in your clients’ investments, but it doesn’t mean losing control. There are no relationship managers at Rathbones. You have direct contact with the investment manager looking after your clients’ money.

You tell us how you would like our relationship to work. We will do whatever works best for you, while meeting our respective suitability obligations.

From the whole of the market

Our investment process is designed to meet each client’s individual requirements. With an unrestricted choice of investments, our investment managers have the freedom to find the best options for each client’s goals. That includes asset classes, funds and other structures that may not be open to all investors.

Not all firms give their managers this flexibility. We do and it’s an important advantage. It gives our investment managers more opportunity to apply the buying power of Rathbones and their professional expertise for your clients.

It takes consistency to achieve long-term success

Our first priority is to protect your clients’ money. We aim to achieve consistent returns over the long term without taking excessive risk with clients’ capital. Our investment managers work hard to minimise volatility by looking ahead to anticipate when and how markets will move. They manage portfolios according to each client’s attitude to risk and will adjust the investment strategy if clients’ circumstances or financial priorities change.

The very low turnover among our investment managers maintains continuity in portfolios and deepens the trust that is a feature of our relationships with advisers.

Our long-term focus is supported by the stability of our operating platform. Its dependable performance is central to our reputation for quality, high satisfaction ratings from clients and regular awards for client service.

Clear and efficient reporting

Efficient administration and reporting make it easy for you to keep your clients informed about their investments. You will receive valuations every quarter and with our online service, you have instant access to up-to-date information.

On paper and online, everything is in one place. You can analyse portfolios and compare present and prior years, which allows you to have a fuller conversation about investment performance with your client and investment manager.

Have more hours in the day

Compliance obligations take up more and more time. By outsourcing investment management decisions, you can transfer the compliance risk to us, giving you more time to focus on your clients and your business.

We understand that you need to be certain your clients and your reputation are in safe hands. Our due diligence process is supportive and, because our performance data is verified independently, you get a true picture of actual funds under management.

How we charge

Our fees are straightforward. We charge management fees for all portfolios. There are no additional investment management charges for transactions or administration.

We will provide you with a clear estimate of our annual fees as part of each investment proposal so you and your clients know what to expect.

For more information, please contact a member of our team.