Ethical investment

We have a dedicated team for clients who want 100% ethical and sustainable investment management. Rathbone Greenbank is one of the pioneers in this field. It manages only ethical and socially responsible investment portfolios, supported by its own dedicated research team.

By investing with Rathbone Greenbank, you can be confident that your money is supporting the issues you care about. Your investment manager will apply your social, ethical and environmental priorities to your portfolio and screen out sectors and companies you want to avoid. But good ethical and sustainable investment management isn’t just about screening out. The Rathbone Greenbank research team also identifies investments that promote ethical and environmentally-friendly technologies and practices.

We don't believe you should have to choose between your values and your financial goals. Rathbone Greenbank aims to achieve your investment objectives without compromising what you believe in.

Like you, we believe investment can be a force for change. Rathbone Greenbank is a prominent activist on ethical and sustainability issues, engaging directly with companies and government to improve business practices. And it is part of Rathbones, a company with a long history of philanthropy and involvement in social justice that continues today.