Financial awareness course for women

Virtual financial awareness course for female clients, entrepreneurs and advisers.

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By Online Webinar Thursday 30 November 2023 - 14:00 to 15:30 Online Webinar

From the outset, investing can seem intricate and complex. However, with the right explanation and guidance anybody can learn how to invest and manage their money. Investment professionals use terminology which, while native tongue to them, is often unrecognisable to those not in the investment community. At Rathbones, we believe in education to enhance your understanding of the wealth management environment, and we think it is particularly important to ensure that women are just as equipped as men to fulfil their financial goals through the power of investing. Once you understand your money, you are better equipped to make informed decisions.

Who should attend?

The course is suitable for women who want to gain a better understanding of how investments work, from the most basic cash deposit to more complex investment instruments. 56% of married women leave investment decisions to their husbands. At Rathbones, we aim to help close the knowledge gap between men and women when it comes to investing.

Course content
The course is for women and presented by women. It is designed to cover the following areas:

Why invest?
This section considers the consequences of investing versus staying in cash, compound returns, inflation and the cost of living.

Asset classes
From simple cash deposits to complex private equity investments, we consider how each asset class works in practice.

Risk and reward
Here we delve into the jargon and provide clarity when considering what risk could mean for different types of investor.

How to invest
There are many ways to invest and many different services to select from. Here we explain these services and methods in detail.

An introduction to financial planning
An understanding of financial planning basics and how engaging the right professional can bring about positive outcomes in meeting your long-term plans and aspirations.

Upcoming dates:

  • Thursday 30 November 2023 2.00pm — 3.30pm 

To book your place please email: Sharon Ryan at

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