Benchmarks at Rathbones


For sterling-based portfolios, we have six composite Benchmarks which correspond to each of our investment strategies. The Benchmarks are constructed from a combination of market indices that are designed to represent the type and mix of assets we invest in. For example, for UK equities we use the FTSE All-Share Index, and for overseas equities we use the FTSE All World ex UK Index. The weightings of the representative indices within each Benchmark vary according to the risk level and the underlying asset mix within each strategy.

The purpose of the Benchmarks is to provide clients with a meaningful and appropriate measure against which the performance of their portfolios can be evaluated and compared, and our ongoing investment management can be assessed. The Benchmarks are designed to align with Rathbones’ investment process and the long-term risk and return characteristics of our investment strategies. 

We assign a primary Benchmark to each portfolio. 

Any benchmark or comparator may not precisely reflect our bespoke portfolio management service, charges, client preferences including the holding of cash or other assets, provision of income, tax planning or any change in strategy over the period. Any variance may be discussed with your Investment Manager. 

Please see the table below for details of the representative indices for each asset type and their weightings within each of the Benchmarks.


This is for information and does not constitute advice or any form of recommendation as to the suitability of a strategy or strategies for your needs. You should seek advice as to the suitability of any strategy for your needs and risk profile.

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