Events, training and support

Helping trustees and senior managers to fulfil their obligations and maintain an awareness of best practice is an important part of our service. We will help you to navigate the increasingly complex issues you have to manage today.

Each year, we provide complimentary training designed to help charity trustees feel confident in their role. We also produce white papers to give thought leadership on key investment strategy issues.

You have the opportunity to join us at one of our regular Conversations about topics every charity should be discussing, as well as our Charity Symposium, which is attended by more than 150 charities and their trustees.

We also look forward to meeting you at the various events we host on behalf of the community throughout the year.

Charity investment training webinar series: the fundamentals of investment management

8 Dec 2020 - 15:00 to 16:00
Welcome to our 2020 charity investment training webinar series. One of the most important roles as a charity trustee is to manage your charity’s resources responsibly. This webinar series is designed to provide trustees and senior finance staff with an understanding of the fundamentals of charity…
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