Events, training and support

Helping trustees and senior managers to fulfil their obligations and maintain an awareness of best practice is an important part of our service. We will help you to navigate the increasingly complex issues you have to manage today.

Each year, we provide complimentary training designed to help charity trustees feel confident in their role. We also produce white papers to give thought leadership on key investment strategy issues.

We also look forward to meeting you at the various events we host on behalf of the community throughout the year.

One of the most important roles of a charity trustee is to manage your charity’s resources responsibly. This webinar series is designed to provide trustees and senior finance staff with an understanding of the fundamentals of charity investment as well as highlighting their responsibilities.

Our courses are CPD accredited and attendance can be recorded as one hour towards annual CPD requirements.

Webinar: Demystifying responsible investment

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Responsible investment – thinking about ESG issues as an investor and shareholder – is becoming more popular with every passing month, as people wake up to the possibilities it presents to reduce risks and identify opportunities. Through responsible investment, investors can also play their part in making the world a better place. But this is a field rife with confusing thinking and jargon. In this session Fiona Gillespie and Gareth Pearl talk about why responsible investment matters, the different types, and how to work out which type might be right for your charity.


Webinar 1: Income vs. total return

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Knowing the best available investment options is important for your charity. Andrew Zazzi and Victoria Walker will explore the advantages and disadvantages of an income-only versus total return investment approach and consider the factors that you should take into account when deciding which approach is best for your charity.


Webinar 2: Equities selection – how to identify winners and avoid a permanent loss of capital

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A thorough investment process will help you to identify future winners, as Sanjiv Tumkur and Euan MacDonald will explain. Avoiding a permanent loss of capital can never be guaranteed but a robust analysis of fundamentals will certainly stand you in good stead. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors should also be taken into account, as should any economic trends which may ultimately change the corporate landscape. As a fundamental variable in every investment decision, the triangle of risk will also be discussed.


Webinar 3: Equities – which markets?

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The events of the past year have changed the course of markets and some areas have been worse affected than others. James Codrington and James Pettit will discuss the relative merits of investing in different regions around the world. If you are trying to choose between investing in developed vs. emerging markets, or UK vs. overseas, your decision will be greatly informed by this webinar.


Webinar 4: Considerations when selecting an investment manager

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In this session Elliot Bancroft and Olivia Merrick will distil the main points you’ll need to consider when selecting the right investment manager for your charity. There are a lot of decisions to make before you start your search. Active or passive? Pooled or segregated? Income or total return?

It’s a long process for a charity to change investment manager so it’s important you appoint one you can see yourself working with for the long term. You’ll leave this session better equipped to make this important decision.

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