We are supporting ClearVision - National Braille Week


We are supporting ClearVision, a lending library that adds Braille to children's books, before loaning them to visually impaired children.

The charity's library is well established and serves over 1,000 families, schools, Vision Support Services and public libraries, making over 10,000 loans in the last year alone. 

We will be supporting ClearVision by way of two donations of £2,500 each, one now and another next summer. 

National Braille Week aims to raise awareness of the importance of Braille and other alternative formats that open up the written world to people with visual impairments.

National Braille Week is organised by the charity Royal Blind and runs in the second week of October, coinciding with World Sight Day

Pictured: Investment manager, Libby Barrett (middle) and Assistant Fund Manager, Will McIntosh-Whyte