Rathbones brings financial education to North West schools

Rathbones has extended its financial education programme to schools in the North West.

Rathbones’ Kendal Regional Director Richard Dawson and Assistant Investment Manager Stephen Quick have recently presented at St Bees School, Giggleswick School, Kirkham Grammar School, Lancaster Royal Grammar School, Sedbergh School and Manchester Grammar School.

The office will be hosting a financial awareness event for 16-22 year olds in the region during the 2015 Easter holidays at Levens Hall in Kendal.

Commenting, Rathbones’ Richard Dawson said:

“People are burdened with financial pressures at an increasingly young age; average student debt has doubled in less than a decade and youth unemployment levels are reaching a record high. Financial education is crucial for young people, as it gives them the necessary tools to have a successful future. The subject of budgeting or saving might not sound exciting, but our events are interactive and fun, and put personal finances into context.”

Sara Coldwell, Business & Economics Teacher at Lancaster Royal Grammar School, added:

“Rathbones has been a fantastic asset to the school. The Your Money, Your Future presentation brought what can be a dry subject to life for our students in an engaging and relevant way. Following the devastation of the financial crisis, there could not be a more appropriate time to professionally educate our young people and I cannot recommend Rathbones highly enough.”

Paul Adams, Teacher of Business Studies & Economics at Giggleswick Senior School said:

“Richard and Stephen recently visited Giggleswick to run a financial awareness course for sixth form pupils. The course introduced students to various financial issues such as budgeting, borrowing, savings and investments. Rathbones used their expertise to highlight many of the financial pitfalls that pupils may encounter later in life, along with educating them on the importance of financial planning. This was an important component of our weekly programme of lectures to inform, educate and inspire students, well beyond the limits of the classroom.” Key areas covered in the Rathbones Your Money, Your Future presentations are:

  • Budgeting
  • The pitfalls of debt – what is good and bad debt?
  • Savings and investments – what are these? how can they benefit you in future life?
  • Your financial life model – the importance of planning for the future
  • Careers – what employers look for and what you should look for

Kirkham Gammar