30 March 2023

The AGM is currently scheduled to be held at our London head office at 8 Finsbury Circus, London EC2M 7AZ, on Thursday 4 May 2023 at 10:00am.  

The formal notice of the AGM is set out in our Notice of Meeting on pages 3 to 5 and contains the particulars of the resolutions on which you are invited to vote. Further information on each of the proposed resolutions can be found in the explanatory notes on pages 6 to 10. 

Appointing a proxy 

If you are unable to attend the AGM, you can still be formally represented at the meeting by appointing a proxy to act on your behalf and by giving instructions on how you wish your proxy to vote on the proposed resolutions. 

Irrespective of whether or not you propose to attend the AGM, we would encourage you to appoint the Chair of the AGM as your proxy. This will ensure that your vote will be counted if ultimately you (or any other proxy you may otherwise appoint) are not able to attend on the day for any reason. If you appoint the Chair as your proxy, the Chair will vote in accordance with your instructions. If the Chair is given discretion as to how to vote, he or she will vote in favour of each of the resolutions set out in the notice. Appointing the Chair of the AGM as your proxy will not prevent you from attending and voting in person if you wish to do so. All proposed resolutions will be put to a vote on a poll once again this year. 

Details of how to appoint a proxy are set out in the notes to the notice of AGM on page 11. If you do require a copy of the proxy form this can be downloaded here. To be valid, your proxy appointment form or instruction must be received at the address specified in the notes by no later than 10:00am on Tuesday 2 May 2023.  

How to ask questions 

The board is keen to hear from our shareholders. Shareholders who attend the AGM on the day whether in person or by proxy will be able to ask questions on the business of the meeting in the usual way. Shareholders are also encouraged to submit any questions in advance of the AGM by sending them to CompanySecretariat@rathbones.com. The company will respond before the proxy appointment deadline noted above to those questions received by the close of business on Wednesday 26 April 2023. Shareholders are also encouraged to check the company's website where answers to questions submitted in advanced of the meeting will be posted. 

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