Rathbones strengthens charity offer with new fund launch

Rathbone Unit Trust Management has added to its range of specialist funds for charities with the launch of the Rathbone Core Investment Fund for Charities, to be managed by Andrew Pitt, Investment Director and Head of Charities, London. Following increased demand from its growing charity client base, the new fund will offer a multi-asset investment strategy to complement the existing Rathbone Active Income and Growth Fund.

Head shot of Andrew Pitt

Andrew Pitt, Head of Charities, London at Rathbones said: “This fund marks a significant addition to the investment opportunities we can offer our charities clients. Rathbones is committed to helping charities preserve and grow their investment capital, and this new fund is specifically tailored to their needs. We have an award-winning team in place, and we look forward to continuing to support our clients in meeting their investment objectives.”

The fund has been specifically structured for charities with the aim to deliver long-term capital growth and a level of income while employing a total return approach. The fund will invest in a diverse range of asset classes to achieve its aims. The fund will not invest directly in companies manufacturing tobacco or tobacco products, or companies that derive more than 10% of their revenues from the manufacture of alcoholic beverages, armaments, gambling, high interest rate lending or pornography.

For further details on the Rathbone Core Investment Fund for Charities, please refer to the Fund factsheet.

General information about the services Rathbones offers to charities can be found here.