Recent scams to be aware of

We’ve compiled a few examples of recent scams to show you the kind of things you have to watch out for, although this is by no means an exhaustive list.

December 2023: Scammers impersonating Rathbones have acquired a website This website is not owned or controlled by the Rathbones Group and has been reported to the UK Financial Conduct Authority as a potential fraud risk. Rathbones clients should contact their usual investment management team or telephone +44 (0)2073990000 if they are unsure about any communications they receive.

April 2021: Scammers posing as investment professionals have targeted investment management clients by email and advised them to transfer funds to ‘exclusive’ financial products which have exaggerated performance potential and other misleading benefits.

The scammers acquire or compromise the client’s personal email address and send an email from an address which closely resembles that of named financial professionals at genuine financial institutions. The email is characterised by a familiar, friendly tone and fraudulently recommends what appear to be real financial products and services but with funds being transferred to the scammers.

It is often impossible to get back your money if you have been subject to fraud and Rathbones will have no responsibility for any loss you may incur.

You can call us on +44 (0)151 243 7395 if you have any concerns or email our investment fraud specialists  at

Find out more about being Scam Smart.

January 2021: Scammers purporting to be the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and other trusted institutions targeted clients of investment management firms, and for various reasons fraudulently advised them to transfer their funds elsewhere.

Please be extra vigilant if you receive an unsolicited communication from a third party in relation to your financial arrangements. Please contact your investment management team if you are unsure about communications you receive relating to your relationship with Rathbones.

April 2020: Investment loan and advance fee fraud being committed using the Rathbones name.

May 10 2018: Stay alert - beware of investment fraud - An investment fraud which has used the Rathbones name.

External news

March 2020: Fraudsters are exploiting the spread of COVID -19 coronavirus to facilitate various types of fraud and cyber crime.

July 5 2019: UK Finance – Fake automated calls claiming to be banks and card companies

May 21 2019: Crypto and Forex Investment Scams – Warning by FCA and Action Fraud following £27m of losses in 2018/19

May 24 2018: Fake TSB messages and phishing emails – Action Fraud warning

March 20 2018: Natwest Report – Detailing the top ways scammers and fraudsters will attempt to get their hands on consumers’ cash in 2018