Rathbone LED Bespoke

Our LED Bespoke service is focused on one thing — your client.

Providing direct access to an expert investment manager, working alongside your financial adviser, with investments in UK and international direct securities, as well as a wide range of external funds, it can be the perfect fit when your client has larger sums to invest or more complex financial needs. It’s also more than that.

The service isn’t simply designed to help clients achieve their investment objectives within risk parameters. It wraps the full spectrum of our personalised service around them, connecting their financial plans with the structure and management of your investment portfolio.

Personalisation runs through it

Personal service and direct access to an investment manager mean LED Bespoke has the flexibility to accommodate your client’s complex objectives, such as structured income requirements and tax allowance management. Allied to this is the breadth it offers — our investment managers can select from a large range of investment options to construct a portfolio that’s entirely suited to you.

Whether you’re considering investing for the first time or switching from an existing provider,
the Rathbones LED Bespoke could be the ideal solution.

Find out more about our LED approach and Rathbone LED Bespoke service.