6 July 2023

The next chapter

We are proud to unveil the next chapter in Rathbones' brand story

Throughout Rathbones’ history, we have embraced change, adapting to the needs of our clients while staying true to our heritage. Today, we are proud to be writing the next chapter in our brand story – one that ensures Rathbones remains relevant to the clients of today and tomorrow.

Our refreshed brand identity has been designed to represent our heritage with a modern expression, reflecting the modern wealth management group that we are today and creating a sharper, more coherent brand image. The new Rathbones logo includes an evolution of our legacy compass symbol.

Rathbones’ enduring values and culture serve as the solid foundation upon which we have built our forward-thinking and innovative approach. Our clients know they can look to Rathbones for stability and reassurance as we guide generation after generation. We hope you will agree that our new brand represents the true essence of Rathbones today — a contemporary, relevant and trustworthy partner in your wealth journey.