Retirement planning

We can advise on your retirement planning, whether you are in the process of building your pension pot or getting ready to retire, answering questions such as:

  • are your existing pension plans sufficient to provide you with a comfortable retirement?

  • do you know how much income you will need and how best to draw it from your pension?

  • do you have a number of pension plans and do you understand how they are performing?

  • are you able to deal effectively with the increasing number of changes in the pension market and do you know what impact they are having on your pension?

We find that most people are concerned about some of these questions. Working closely with you, we will identify what you want from your pension and develop a structure that meets your requirements.

This might involve building on existing plans or using other vehicles to consolidate and simplify what you already have. There are often a number of choices available and we can discuss each option. The goal is to build a retirement plan that you feel at ease with and that will give you a comfortable retirement.

For more information about tax efficient investing and how we can help you, please contact one of our financial planners.