Your portfolio

An individual investment portfolio

Rather than ask you to fit in with us, we build our service around what is important to you. Because no two people are alike, we apply the same rule to investing.

By understanding what you want to achieve, how much risk you are comfortable with, your relationships, lifestyle and all the other personal factors that make each of us different, we will create an investment strategy that is individual to you.

Your investment portfolio is carefully constructed to match your objectives. We will ask you if there are any investments you prefer to avoid. If you want all of your investments to be chosen from an ethical perspective, we can do this through our Rathbone Greenbank team.

We aim to achieve consistent returns for you over the long term. In our experience, active, disciplined investment management with an individual focus is the best way to do that. Your manager will monitor the progress of your investments and make adjustments to keep your portfolio in line with your objectives.

Financial priorities change over time. Your investment manager will review your investment strategy with you at regular intervals so your investments, and our understanding of your requirements, are always in line with what is happening in your life.

Regular reviews of strategy and performance

We will provide you with regular updates on the performance of your investments. You can decide how often you receive statements and other information from your investment manager. You can also go online to see how your money is doing.