Bespoke investment management

As well as a direct relationship with your investment manager, you benefit from a structured portfolio process that covers the full range of assets, including equities, bonds, collectives, property, commodities, currencies, structured products and hedge funds.

We provide a range of services tailored to your individual circumstances, attitude to risk and investment requirements, whether you wish to generate regular income or grow your portfolio over the long term.

Your objectives may be defined as balanced growth or equity growth, but many clients are increasingly using more broadly-based objectives, including:


As part of an integrated portfolio or a standalone product, the generation of income may be your priority if you are looking for a regular payment.

Conservative total return

A defensive portfolio aiming to outperform cash plus 2% with lower volatility than financial markets.

Strategic growth

A balanced growth portfolio aiming to provide real returns ahead of inflation but with lower volatility and correlation to financial markets over the medium term.


Aiming to outperform financial markets irrespective of volatility.

Our investment managers are guided by our central investment process, which informs their decisions on asset allocation and investment selection, yet have the flexibility over your portfolio to take account of your individual requirements.

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