Financial Advisers

A modern wealth manager

At Rathbones we can provide investment services for any advisory firm seeking to outsource underlying investment decisions. Our range of services is appropriate for all sizes of clients from multi-asset unitised funds available on external platforms, a managed-portfolio service, unitised portfolio services and bespoke service.

Our LED (Liquidity, Equity-type risk and Diversifiers) investment framework perfectly lends itself to working alongside financial advisers. This forward-looking approach to strategic asset allocation is a unique way of managing real risk in investment portfolios, and provides us with a point of difference over our peers.

It’s an approach that allows us to give every client – no matter what size their investment – the level of service they require.

Nothing more, nothing less.
An approach that enables us to achieve true diversification.
To manage risk in a pragmatic and controlled way.
And deliver value across the entire investment journey.