Our services for charities

There are two distinct elements to our services: investment management to meet your charity’s individual requirements, and support for your trustees and management team, as well as the charitable sector as a whole.

Individual investment management

We build our service around your charity’s priorities. Our approach means you do not have to compromise on what you want from your investment manager. The diversity of the charities we work with shows our ability to meet individual requirements.

Your investment manager takes the time to understand your charity, the long-term strategy you want your portfolio to support and how you want us to work with your trustees and management team. We create an individual strategy to match your charity’s income and growth targets, attitude to risk and investment policy.

Rathbones is part of an independently owned company, so we can look across the whole of the market to find the best options for your charity’s goals. Not all firms give their managers such flexibility: we do and it is an important advantage. It means your investment manager has more opportunity to apply his or her expertise. Our investment managers are supported by our central investment process and guidance from our in-house investment committees.

Many of the charities we work with have long histories. We feel a responsibility to make sure you can continue to support those who depend on you. To help your charity have a successful future, we aim to achieve consistent returns for you over the long term. Our patient, risk-based approach is designed to protect and grow capital. We work hard to meet growth and income expectations year after year without increasing risk by chasing returns.

Combined with our own longevity as a business, this prudent way of managing money gives confidence to those we work with. They feel secure about making long-term plans and setting long-range targets — over decades in some cases — for us to achieve.

Support for your trustees and management team

We are much more than an investment provider. We want to do everything we can to support the work that you do. Helping your trustees and management team to fulfil their obligations and maintain an awareness of best practice is an important part of our relationship with you. 

Direct access to your investment manager and regular meetings help your trustees to monitor investment performance and strategy. We provide complimentary training events for trustees, as well as giving thought leadership on key investment strategy issues through our white papers.

Our Charity Symposium is a key forum for discussing the latest investment trends and important developments in the charitable and not-for-profit sector, often with speakers who are experts in their field.